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Super 7 Before 7 A.M.

Catch Sunrises!

Life can be epically busy. When going hard at your dreams if can seem at times impossible. If your dreams call for hours of exercise and you work in a busy job, it’s even more so!

So how can we do it? Live pragmatically and approach each day like a stoic!

Operate purposefully and divvy up the time every day to progress and improve — -after all — — Better never stops!

Unequivocally, your time can easily get compressed in the crushing motions of our increasingly hectic lives. Take notice! Stay alert. Before you blink, you’ll be old and jaded — — and questioning where did all those dreams rust and die?

Remember what Theodore Roosevelt pontificated, “we must all either wear out or rust out, every one of us. My choice is to wear out”. It is a way!

Such an approach means never postponing until tomorrow! And the kickback? No shallow yesterdays. Just endless crushing!

Your Life remodelled from Survival Mode to an Endless Pursuit of thriving!

We need to strip back our entire approach to living. You might see some steps to help you simplify your crushed existence and get back to the fundamentals that will truly help you crush life itself.

Many people fill their lives to the brink with trivia and nonsense. Doing so prevents building toward anything meaningful.

But it also means they are floundering in something akin to survival mode. That’s nowhere close to the desired growth space.

Covid and all its madness should awaken us all from this slumber! The social and cultural system where people lived preordained lives on other people’s schedules was firmly established just one generation ago. But by being forced to learn, work, and socialise online we should have made a huge sidestep and pivoted away from such ‘ideals’. Many young display the same process because that is the limit of their experiences.

However, a growing collective-consciousness back towards the concepts of stoicism whereby with a lot of work and focused intention — you can live your life on your own terms.

You truly are ultimate UX designer of your ultimate destiny.

First learning is that you are in charge — you are responsible.

This my routine — refined on a sabbatical and razor sharpened on remote year

You have to be the decision maker. You must decide — because if you don’t, someone else will. Indecision is a bad decision. It turns you into an impotent order taker!


Your life will quickly change with a simple yet consequential morning routine!

On first peek this seems an unlikely and impossible long list. But in short, get after it:

· Get up after sleeping well

· Get your aim on

· Get moving

· Get fuelled right

· Get ready

· Get inspired

· Do something to move you forward

And so it begins!

1. Get 7+ Hours of Healthy Sleep

Undoubtedly proper sleep is as essential as eating and drinking water. Sadly, many humans do not sleep enough and experience myriad issues as a result.

Research indicate up to 2.8 million people in Hong Kong suffer from some kind of insomnia. That is 40 percent of the population! Insomnia has been shown to result in decreased cognitive functioning and is also associated with a poorer quality of life and weakened immune system. Insomniacs are far more likely to suffer from long-term health problems, and the condition is very often an indicator of mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

In addition, more than 40 percent of adults experience daytime sleepiness severe enough to interfere with their daily activities at least a few days each month — with 20 percent reporting problem sleepiness a few days a week or more.

Turn it around, and know that getting a healthy amount of sleep is linked to:

· better memory

· longer active life

· drop in inflammation

· more creativity

· higher levels of attention and focus

· drop in fat and anabolic muscle gains when exercising

· reduced stress

· reduced dependence on caffeine

· reduced accident risk

· reduced levels of depression

+++++ lots of other good aspects!

So, make sleep a priority. The goal needs to be long-term sustainability. Good sleep is paramount!

2. Get Spiritually ready for the day

After waking from a healthy sleep, meditation and prayer are immensely beneficial for aiming towards the positive. ‘What you focus on expands’ as Oprah told us!

Both meditation and prayer can create a gratitude mindset for all you have. This is seen as the abundance mindset. With abundance you have options; and these options are freeing!

People with charisma are magnets. Inevitably they are grateful for what they have and will attract more of the positive and good. Gratitude is a contagion you want to catch as it may well prove to be the most important key to success!

If you start every morning putting yourself in a space of gratitude and clarity, you will attract the best the world has to offer, and not get distracted.

3. Do something hard and physical

The evidence of the need for exercise is established; Sadly, less than 40 per cent of adult Hong Kongers do enough exercise to qualify as leading a healthy lifestyle, the survey by the Advisory Committee for the Physical Fitness Test for the Community found.

Want to be among the healthy, happy, and productive people in the world? Develop a habit of regular exercise. Moving your body early in the morning creates a sense of clarity unmatched by any stimulants! Find something hard and do it!

Whatever you prefer, running is my choice but just get your body moving.

Exercise decreases your chances of falling victim to depression, anxiety, and stress. It is also related to higher success in your career. Read the 5 AM Club by Robin Sharma for the evidence!

If you don’t care about your body, every other aspect of your life will suffer. Humans are holistic beings.

4. Get in 30 Grams of Protein at breakfast

Lifestyle guru and millennial messiah Tim Ferriss, in his book, The 4-Hour Body, also recommends 30 grams of protein 30 minutes after waking up.

Protein laden foods keep you feeling satiated longer than other foods because they take longer to leave the stomach. Protein keeps blood-sugar levels steady, which prevents huger spikes.

Evidence indicated that eating protein first decreases white carbs craving. Those are the frilly types of carbs that make you fat. You know pineapple buns, toast, and donuts. The classic 5 minutes on the lips 5 pound on the hips fodder!

I am one of those growing group of people who avoid animal proteins but enjoy lots of plant-based proteins. Legumes, greens, nuts, and seeds all are rich in protein. And tasty!

5. Try Cold Showers

Huge success Tony Robbins starts every day with a 12–13 degree Celsius dunk in his swimming pool.

His reasoning?

Immersion in very cold water helps manifest physical and mental wellness. When endured daily, it boosts your body’s immunity, and improves all the lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems that improve quality of life. It also boosts your metabolism which may aid in weight management. Also, because cold promotes a wave of mood-boosting neurochemicals which make you feel happy. So cold water therapy helps too in managing mental health.

It’s by no means easy though. Especially in the middle of winter. You must jump in though. After 20 seconds, you will be fine.

Such acts, difficult and confronting increases my willpower and often creates inspiration. A cold shower leaves me feeling extra happy and ready to be inspired. The ideas for the day ahead start flowing and I having done something tough become more motivated to reach for my limits.

Plus, doing something early in the morning that kind of intimidates you makes you truly feel awake and ready to push the boundaries outside your limiting comfort zone!

6. Learn more Things

Average people crave entertainment. Exceptional people seek far more! Education is their oxygen. It is believed the world’s most successful people are constantly learning! Try to read at least one book per week. Mix it up!

I easily finish an audible download per week by just listening during my morning runs and on the public bus I take to school. Usually, I also manage to extract something to give my students from what I have read! Reading puts me in a place to share new ideas with others.

7. Check your dreams

My goals are written down — both the short term and long-term varieties. I take a few minutes to read through every morning — reverse engineering helps me get my day into focus.

The manifestation of goals requires this.

To achieve goals is a scientific process. Daily control studies and reviews are essential.

A key aspect of that is writing down your important targets and reviewing them early every single day.

The take home …

After you’ve done all these you have already managed all the important stuff first. Your now in that space to succeed. Your dreams are ever more reachable.

And having done these you will show up far better in life. Your job will be easier because you will be better ready. You’ll be happier and more giving in relationships. You’ll be way happier. You will radiate your best confident self. Your thoughts and process will have far more clarity and vision.

You will be living a life you’re passionate about. You will have the freedom and abundance you deserve!

Go into the universe and live, life, lit!




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