Trail Running — The Obstacles are the Way

In the present world order aspects of stoicism are a precursor to peace of mind and ultimately success.

In the sport of trail running this too is clear. The trails I mostly run in Hong Kong on the main island are forever changing.

At the moment in the winter they are drier and somewhat overgrown. The wind on occasion is stronger and this coupled with the drier ground means tree falls are feature.

In summer months (essentially 9 months)typhoons and high rainfall are common. Gentle paths often become powerful waterfalls. The heat brings out the creepy crawlies and snakes and spiders are constant obstacles. Especially to people new and inexperienced to such sights they are restrictions.

So weather is an obstacle in trail running. But with a shift in runners thinking weather can in fact ‘be the way.’

First and foremost by engaging nature at all its extremes we develop coping mechanisms towards the myriad issues we might meet in our personal or professional lives.

The pure run-lover takes a glance out of his or her window in the morning and decides what their trail hero costume will be. Some run in the same garb all year round (my hand is up) and add a wind-jacket to their pack for the aftermath of a cool run. In summer it might be a more presentable shirt. And shorts if I am finishing at the beach.

An aspect of weather to consider in warm humid places like Hong Kong is heat. But some science can help. Heat training is seen in successive studies as being akin to altitude training. See the benefits in the heat obstacle and use it as a training stress to enhance adaption!

So weather is not an obstacle. Only if you choose to make it so. So make better choices and RUN!

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