2 min readOct 4, 2020


Use it before you lose it!

People scared by democracy are those who ultimately lose under its protection. That’s people abusing human rights, breaking laws, lacking morality and failures in understanding that any society is only as strong as its grassroots base.

Maniacal despots believe in emperors. Or business blowhards having the ability to lead a country to greatness. And dreamers believe in unicorns.

I’ve travelled into 93 countries. From my deep dive into societies I go into (rooftop arm raises are not my travel compulsion) I might come from the best one and I probably live in the worst at this moment.

My echo chamber is highly educated, mobile, of above average affluence, BUT mostly under 40 which has lead them to being unrepresentative to the point of disenfranchisement. EVERYWHERE!

To me that is total Darwinism. Turning your back on your future is akin to starving your senility. And you do it to protect the very people that have never cared about you anyway!

But with the youth vote I also despair! They did not go out and stop what happened in the USA in 2016. They let the best thing that happened to the world be replaced by the worst!

And since they have not mobilised. Some got behind Bernie as they had in 2015–6 but I’m not really sure if they will bother to turn out and dump Trump!

They seemingly cower away – I met literally 1000s of millennial Americans who escaped to the digital nomad hotspots of the world – usually poor nations exploited by the very hegemony they escape from coupled with worse human rights abuses from Asia’s existential threat from an economic coloniser.

I as scared by their lack of foresight and that they had seemingly given up. This time I hope they vote! Correctly!




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